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014 China's new energy annual top 10: Zhang Dongsheng

      2015/6/26      view:

  Source: New Energy Online China energy Internet service platform

  Zhang Dongsheng, chairman of Novtium Electric Co.,Ltd won the 2014 top10 China's new energy annual.

  List reasons: Novtium Electric Co.,Lt was founded by Zhang Dong-sheng and became the only mixed ownership, grid control equipment manufacturer for state grid in 2014, it's the most important photovoltaic power station monitoring and intelligent management solutions provider in China, and the core power of the industrialization of Chinese energy network.

  2014 China's new energy annual top 10 list


  1. Evaluation process: this list was primarily put forward by the new energy online magazine editorial, and verified and modified by experts from "zhongguancun new energy research institute".

  2. Selection principle: this list is intended to tease out the people that made outstanding contributions to China's new energy industry development and posed important and positive influence in the new energy field in 2014. Some leaders, although established new flags or put forward new measures in new energy field, however, there is no specific effect and influence generated.

  3. Since March 24th, we will give the list reason of one listed people every day.

  Enclosed: 2014 China new energy

  Annual top 10 list

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